Sugar age 12.

Sugar age 12.

About Tressia and Q-it Dog Training.

Q-It Dog Training uses positive reinforcement and force free training to teach dogs and people at class.

About Tressia and the dogs that have inspired my life’s passion and goals.

Tressia grew up on Vancouver Island and has been involved in training dogs from the age of 12. I received a female chocolate lab named Sugar for Christmas, she was my first puppy and agility dog. Sugar brought me to Bernadette VanKlavern for agility classes and from there I was hooked. Bernadette drove my dog training passion forward, I can’t thank B enough for all she has done for me. Sugar became a 2x Regional agility champion in 2006 and 2007. At 12 she became the 2012 AAC Agility Canadian National champion.

Rumour, a 9 month old Bc mix from the Border collie rescue society was at an agility trial looking for his forever home. My mom said “did you see that puppy up for adoption” and so we brought him home that night. Rumour became an awesome agility dog, with time and patience he learned the world wasn’t scary and he turned into a fantastic agility partner, placing in the top 10 at regionals and nationals each year.

2009 my boyfriend Thomas and I adopted Rift, a 7 months old puppy from the SPCA. Rift was a reactive scared dog who barked and lunged at everything in his environment, he brought me new challenges I had not experienced with my previous dogs. So I signed him up for a 6 week obedience class at Best Paw Forward and 6 weeks later I was offered a dream job at BPF. I can’t thank Robyn enough for that job, I worked for Best Paw for the next 8 years and loved every day of it.

2012 I graduated from the Karen Pryor Academy and became a certified dog trainer with Rift as my demo dog. I was so inspired again with new knowledge and training games that I had to get myself a puppy.

Introducing Jetta a 14 week old Border collie puppy. Jetta was not what I was expecting to show up at the air port, she was nervous , not super social, and in general a scared dog. My relationship with Jetta started out rocky, she wasn’t what I had expected and many many many times I wanted to send her back to the breeder. I had dreams of being on an agility world team, and this puppy was about the complete opposite of everything that it would take to get onto the world stage. Jetta was afraid of sounds, moving things under her feet, and when she made a mistake she would shut down and leave work. Fast forward 3 years through tears, hard work and believing in my self as a trainer, Jetta and I found our selves applying for our first ever world agility team and heading to the 2015 AAC Agility Nationals to compete over 3 days for a win on spot for team Canada. We had the weekend of our dreams and placed 6th in Canada and won our selves a spot on the 2015-2016 AAC Canadian National team. Jetta has taught me to never give up on your dreams.

You are living off the grid ? and in a tiny house ?? Yes…. for almost 2 years it seemed crazy to some but Thomas and I lived off grid. We lived in a tiny house on 3 acres on Nanaimo River Road with Rift and Jetta. Indoor space was limited, but with 3 acres and a full sized agility ring I was in heaven. So Thomas said yes, and before he new it, I was on a list and there was a border collie puppy with my name on it arriving in 2016. People thought you are crazy bringing home a puppy to live in an off grid tiny home…but I was living the dream, I had an amazing job, and I loved where and how I was living. Sparks arrived and she was everything I had hoped for. She was confident, super social, loved working and when faced with failures she tried harder and harder to get it right. Sparks I can’t wait to see where you will take me next.

Looking for a new adventure I moved to Pemberton December 2018 with Thomas and the 3 dogs, Rift (10) Jetta (7) and Sparks (2.5). We are now living on a 5 acre garlic and saw mill farm, with an amazing view of Mt. Currie. 2019 is the year of new Adventures!